The Probus Club of the Crawley Hawth Wood

The Probus Club of the Crawley Hawth Wood

Zoom Meetings

While we could not hold regular meetings we held virtual “Zoom” meetings. We had several quizes which have been great for us to be able to “see” each other and have a fun Quiz.

We also held monthly “Zoom” speaker meetings.


Wednesday 5th May Ann Chance, Titled; Uver fings wot I 'ave fun

Wednesday 2nd June Bill McNaught, Titled; Queen Victoria and Buffalo Bill

Wednesday 7th July John Lawrenson, Titled; Silly Sussex

Wednesday 4th August Gary Wykes Titled Prisoners in the Tower-

This was our last Zoom meeting as we have recommenced our regular meetings at the Hawth from 6th October after a postponned AGM on the 8th September.